Will Ruman

Software Engineer

About Me

I'm a full‑time software engineer and part‑time cyclist living in Chicago, IL. I care about software performance, longevity, and correctness. I have a BS in Computer Science from Truman State University and expertise ranging from micro‑controllers to full-stack web development.


Great companies I've worked with:

FireMon (current)
An automated network security analysis suite that can identify attack vectors most people miss. If you want more confidence in your organization's network security then come check us out!
Data-heavy products for a demanding professional user base supported by highly available, scalable, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure. My team's work spanned multiple industries in multiple countries.
The company my friends and I started in college, where we became our own teachers. At small universities like ours, internships are not always easy to come by. Our answer was Motavera, a system that brought together students and companies via in-browser teleconferencing, comprehensive search, and virtual career fairs.


If you want to get in touch, send an email to "hey" at "willruman" dot com or message me on LinkedIn.

You can also see some of my public projects on GitHub.

Thanks for stopping by!